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Here’s how to make the best homemade deep conditioner for damaged hair, natural hair and curly hair, black hair and for moisturizing dry hair using ingredients such as coconut oil, mayonnaise, yogurt, bananas and honey. Olive oil is nature’s conditioner, and these fatty ingredients provide much-needed nourishment for dry and damaged hair. Deep conditioners. Posted on November 12, 2020 November 12, 2020 by admin. The reason is, the fats and oil will penetrate your hair follicles better if it is not cold. They should be used at most, once in a month to prevent buildup and extreme dryness. 3. Honey , a humectant, is also added to the mix to impart moisture retention. The key is the coconut oil , which binds to the hair thus reducing keratin loss. Tag: homemade deep conditioner for damaged black hair Home Made Conditioners. *** for best hair conditioning purposes, use immediately after making without refrigerating first. Chebe Powder, also known as lavender croton, is a small shrub from Africa.Ground into a powder, it’s used by women to improve the health and strength of natural black hair. Deep conditioners come in a thicker consistency than the other types of conditioners as discussed. This conditioner is ideal for naturals whose hair dislikes protein conditioners but needs a bit of strengthening. These type of treatments penetrate the cuticle to repair and restore damaged hair. The quantities listed above are suitable for shoulder-length or shorter hair, but you can add additional yolks and olive oil (1 tablespoon of olive oil per egg yolk) based on the length and thickness of your hair. And cold water closes the hair follicles. Herbs can also be added to either of these DIY conditioners – or mix them into proprietary brands if you wish. Tip to remember for all hair care: Warm/Hot opens the hair follicles so that conditioner can penetrate deeper. Deep conditioner treatment is good for black hair, curly and natural hair and damaged hair.

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