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Halal Consumer educates halal consumers on food products, ingredients, nutritional products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other consumables. We hope this guide will serve as a handy and easy way to verify the acceptability of food products. To help make Halal products readily available throughout the world. HALAL CERTIFICATES. Company Name Certificate(s) HALAL MEDIA. IFANCC serves Canadian food industry and the Halal consumers. Amtech Biotech Co., Ltd. View Certificates. If you see halal markings or logo on the company products, please notify at … The following companies have failed to meet the halal certification requirements agreed between the company and IFANCA. Apply for Certification; Certified Companies; De-certified Companies; FAQ; Media Kit; Careers; Contact Us HALAL MEDIA. IFANCA Halal certification is accredited by Malaysia, Indonesia and UAE(ESMA). Halal Consumer© Magazine is a publication of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America(IFANCA). Issue No 52. Halal, when applied to food, is a dietary set of guidelines for Muslims living an Islamic lifestyle. IFANCA Pakistan can certify under the following schemes: PS3733; UAE; GSO; JAKIM; MUI; MUIS; and other schemes on a case by case basis. Of course, there is no substitute for authentic, certified halal products. News; Research; Contact Us; Apply for Certification. Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd. View Certificate. restaurants, cafes and hotels that provide, in the service sectors such as restaurants and hotels. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Home; Apply for Certification; Schemes of Halal Certification. More... MEDIA LINKS. Halal, when applied to food, is a dietary set of guidelines for Muslims living an Islamic lifestyle. To promote the concept of Halal. Certificate(s) Albemarle Corporation: View Certificate: Saputo Cheese USA Inc. View Certificate: Showing 1 to 2 of 2 entries. Our certification symbol, the Crescent helps halal consumers select goods, assuring them that what they buy is halal without a doubt. Famous IFANCA certified brands include Coca-cola, Dunkin, Baskin Robbins (BR), Campbell, Godiva, Starbucks, Kraft Heinz, Nestle, Sun made and Cargill. Show . Halal Digest© is IFANCA's web based newsletter. December HD 2015; November HD 2015; October HD 2015 Welcome to IFANCA. Halal Digest© contains Islamic guidance, interesting articles, relevant news items, recipes and other information about halal topics. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Application channel is set through single desk of KOHAS, and all procedures can be handled in Korean and English. Company Name. IFANCA Halal-Certified Company News 14 Seed of Blessing – A Natural Remedy 16 By Mariam Majeed Spiritual Nourishment 18 By Tayyaba Syed The Significance of Milk – Choose What is Natural 20 By Mujahed Khan Afghani Comfort Foods 22 by Azima Abdul-Azim Bismillah and Buon Appetito 26 by Yvonne Maffei Directory of Halal Certified Companies 31 26 WWW.IFANCA.ORG SPRING 2010 1 HALAL … Halal Certificates; De-certified Companies; FAQ; Media Kit; Halal & Healthy; Contact Us HALAL MEDIA. To introduce the concept of halal foods to the food industry and provide solutions to consumer's halal needs. HFCE is accredited by Emirates International Accreditation Council and recognized by ESMA, IFANCA, JAKIM, MUI and MUIS. You will find enlightening articles that cover various halal topics as well as news on halal certified companies and upcoming event - a trusted resource for the halal consumer.

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