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merge sort algorithm with example

# example of merge sort in Python # merge function take two intervals # one from start to mid # second from mid+1, to end # and merge them in sorted order def merge (Arr, start, mid, end): # create a temp array temp [] = [0] * (end-start + 1) # crawlers for both intervals and for temp i, j, k = start, mid + 1, 0 # traverse both lists and in each iteration add smaller of both elements in temp while (i <= mid and j … After that… Then we will call merge on the 2 subproblems. Divide the unsorted list into n sublists, each comprising 1 element (a list of 1 element is supposed sorted). This procedure is repeated until both the smaller sublists are empty and the newly combined sublist covers all the elements of both the sublists. Call mergeSort on (left,mid) and (mid+1,rear) Above will continue till left

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