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mxl r40 vs r80

MXL microphones can be used on stage live in concert or in a garage, home studio or rehearsal space. The MXL R40 is a solidly built, elegant-looking ribbon mic that features passive circuitry to keep the signal as pure as possible. Maybe someday I'll get a Royer. MXL conference microphones are also perfect for any meeting room or web chat service that places voice calls over the internet (VoIP). I finally got around to removing the inner screen from the head basket and spent some more time honing my re-ribboning skills. Can't find much info on it - seems to be another MF only like the R40. MXL professional video products for broadcast, multimedia, video, film, and news professionals worldwide. In the mean time these 205s really tickle my fancy. 6th July 2015 #142. A figure-8 pattern will pick up sounds from the front and back sides of the microphone with equal sensitivity while maintaining a large amount of rejection 90 off access. There is something about the way they capture the top end that is just beautiful to me. Anybody know any more? The figure 8 polar pattern lets sound roll in from both sides of the mic to create a full sound. MXL has built modern ribbon elements into the R80 microphone. Sir Chris. MXL mics are produced by the same company that markets Mogami cables, so it's no surprise that they recommend using the mic with a good quality XLR cable — and ideally one of theirs! Not much new...same ribbon, same transformer but new body. Here's a peek inside the newly introduced MXL R80 ribbon microphone. The MXL MXL 860 Ribbon Studio Side Adress Ribbon Microphone is compact and versatile, making it ideal for many recording applications. Share Quote. Quote: Originally Posted by rexhunt. I just saw that Musician's Friend has an MXL R80 currently at $80. By … It has a high SPL capacity, making it suitable for guitar cabinets and horns. A figure-8 pat-tern will pick up sounds from the front and back sides of the microphone with equal sensitivity while maintaining a large amount of rejection 90° off access. Also the ribbon and transformer are mounted on a PC board making it a lot easier to replace the xformer with a better quality one. Rex 2. It can be positioned virtually anywhere in a studio to record a wide range of instruments, including percussion. The MXL shockmount grips the mic using a rubber‑lined spring sleeve, opened via a couple of wire levers. eBay sellers are saying it's 20-20,000Hz but according to's 20~17,000 on this one too. The front of the microphone is indicated by the MXL logo where the audio signal is in-phase while the back side has an inverted phase. First look at the MXL R80. By employing just two main components-ribbon motor and transformer-the R40 maintains the classic, smooth sound that makes ribbon mics a top choice for recording rich-sounding vocals. The MXL R80 excels on the stage and in the studio. The suspension elements are the usual nylon‑covered elastic bands. The distinctive MXL 860 Ribbon has a durable cast metal body that makes it an excellent utility mic. My MXL R40 and R80 will be my character ribbon mics, for drum room and amps and whatnot, along with possibly a Cascade Fathead BE down the line. The MXL Team General Characteristics The MXL R80 Ribbon microphone uses an aluminum ribbon transducer which by nature is a bidirectional (figure-8) pickup pattern. The MXL R80 excels on the stage and in the studio. Lives for gear .

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