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nuclear weapons museum

Professional educator development programs support New Mexico school curriculum standards. [18] The museum hosts guest speakers, annual special events, and week-long youth science camps in the summer. Uranium Cycle — An exhibit where visitors learn about the steps in the process required to change uranium into a usable form for nuclear power plants or weapons as well as options for disposal and recycling. The site provides nine-acres (3.6 ha) of outdoor space for exhibits of military aircraft, missiles, vehicles, and the sail of the USS James K. Polk nuclear submarine. [3] It was the result of a six-year effort to establish a museum to tell the story of the base and the development of nuclear weapons, and was staffed by United States Air Force (USAF) personnel with help from Sandia National Laboratories (SNL). The Decision to Drop — The dawn of the Atomic Age began with the design and testing of the world’s first atomic bomb during the Manhattan Project. Nano —An interactive exhibition where visitors can imagine and discover a world they can’t see, and learn about big ideas that come from the small world of nanoscience. Little Al's Lab — An area presided over by an animatronic version of Albert Einstein, provides hands-on, family-friendly science activities for children. Permanent exhibits focus on: Pioneers of the Atom —An interactive display that introduces the individuals who questioned and defined the matter which makes up the universe. Nuclear artillery shell. Heritage Park —This 9-acre outdoor exhibit is complete with planes, rockets, missiles, cannons, and a nuclear submarine sail. [19] It appeared in several scenes in the season 2 episode Negro Y Azul. S.E. The Museum hired new staff who became employees of NAMF. Secrets, Lies & Atomic Spies — An exhibit where visitors experience the world of espionage, as secrets and spies infiltrated New Mexico during WWII and the Cold War. Many have enjoyed the display of the “Operation Crossroads Bikini Atoll Collection.”. The Museum also became affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. Museum Store: 505-245-2137 ext.106 Administrative Offices: 505-245-2137 ext. "Albuquerque Tribune editorial, 19 Feb 2008",,,,,, National Atomic Museum Education & Outreach website, Breaking Bad Locations: National atomic museum, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, $5 million in Federal funds for design and construction, $1 million transferred from the State of New Mexico to the City of Albuquerque for infrastructure, examination of nuclear power accidents, safety engineering, and waste treatment/storage, nuclear energy as one part of a spectrum of alternative energy-producing methods, assorted modern nuclear bombs and warheads, a collection of items reflecting daily life at, a PRISM 2000 XP Gamma Camera (example of more modern nuclear imaging technology), a display of nuclear and homeopathic medical quackery artifacts, an extensive model collection of military aircraft and other vehicles, Trinity [Atomic Test] Site: The 50th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb (an e-book at Project Gutenberg). Others saw the rocket as relevant to accurate portrayal of New Mexico's involvement in the nuclear age. Visitors are introduced to the daily lives of the scientists who lived at Los Alamos and journey with them to the Trinity site where the first explosion occurred in 1945.

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