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spotted bass vs smallmouth

The number of spines on its dorsal and anal fins could be a differentiator, as could the amount of scales it has on its lateral line. Mean Mouth Bass are very Rare. As we’ve already seen, catching either species depends a lot on where you are in the world and what time of year it is. Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass are not only exciting game for anglers, they’re also considered good eating fish, too. Spotted bass tend to live shorter lifespans than smallmouth, averaging around six years. Depending on their habitat and what’s available, they’ll often go after other food sources too. Replied on August 19, 2019 I’m glad we made the job a little easier now. As smallmouth tend to congregate in shallower water in the summer and spring months it might be more apt to fish lighter lines or even topwater lures to draw them in from the surface. As with other black basses, Spotted Bass tend to associate with cover in the form of logs, stumps, and other submerged structures. Largemouths and Spots are neighbors, so catching an exciting Bass combo is more than likely. Not to mention now, I’m even more excited to hit the waters, to start identify the right Bass!! This is probably the most significant distinction between the two species. Migrations for the smallmouth can often be up to 12 miles a day and generally hover around 60 miles in total. The dorsal fin on a Spotted Bass is clearly connected, with a gentle slope. Enjoying submerged obstacles like logs, rocks and vegetation, spotted tend to “hide” more from the surface than their smallmouth counterparts. Both fish will rub against each other before sinking down to the nest where the process is repeated and then again with other partners. Given their more common similarities rather than differences, there probably won’t be too much deviation in the kind of approach you use. Smallmouth Bass will go after pretty much any lure you send their way. Texas Fishing: All You Need to Know Before Yo... © 2019 Dorsal fin connected. Hope you catch a bunch of them this fall. Yes, the difference between Spotted and Largemouth Bass can be tricky to spot sometimes. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs – they’ll even come up to take topwater plugs on occasion. In terms of behavior, Largemouth Bass are solitary fish, whereas Spotted Bass tend to school more often. You’ll also want to pay attention to size, number and location of body markings, stripes or blotches. There you have it – now you know how to tell if your catch is Spotted Bass vs. Largemouth Bass. That’s when you’ll take a look at the spots, or the jaw, or any of the other features we mentioned. Generally speaking, it’s a better idea to go for either species in the spring and summer months when spawning is underway and the metabolism of the fish is faster. The smallmouth bass was first described in the early 19th century and has since then been divided into two subspecies; the Northern and the Neosho (though no one actually breaks it down this much in the fishing world). Yellow Bass. Both species’ upper jaws differ slightly where the smallmouth’s jaw fails to reach past its eye while the spotted runs up to the middle of the pupil. Tadpoles, fish, and crayfish tend to make up most of the dietary requirements of the smallmouth. This is one of the more difficult differences to spot, but it is there. After discussing appearance it’s useful to look at the regions you’ll commonly find both species in and the types of habitats both frequent. They might also be more prone to bite given the territorial nature of guarding a nest – especially as competition ramps up between species. First, there’s the obvious; tracking your personal best figures in weight. Smallmouth bass build spawning nests within 150 yards of last year’s nest. Nov 7, 2019. When telling Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass apart, there are several key features that you should look at. Of course, experience and exposure to bass fishing will play a major factor in this, so perhaps it’s not something a beginner will find easy. If you’re more prone to fishing for smallmouth you’ll want to head to cooler waters. Both Spotted Bass and Largemouth Bass are native to the eastern and central United States, but have been widely introduced throughout the nation. You can catch both species with a variety of baits and lures, but the general rule of thumb is that larger bait and lures work better for Largemouth as opposed to Spotted Bass. Regionally speaking, spotted bass are commonly found in the Ohio and Mississippi river basins but can also be seen in Gulf Coast states, particularly Texas. The Largemouth/Smallmouth bass hybrid is much rarer than the Spotted Bass/Smallmouth bass. Braided line that can withstand snags and tangles might be a better way to go with lures like crankbaits or jigs that can sink to depth, be punched through hard cover and create a lot of disturbance in the water to draw them out from their hiding places. At this point, they will be available for the catch. Spotted Bass like clear waters, and you can often find them out in the open. If all this is somewhat headache-inducing, be aware that sometimes you can even distinguish bass without actually catching them. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All these things add up to make the sport more quantifiable, which in turn, helps increase everyone’s enjoyment level. This article will help very much. These spots fade gradually towards the belly. This helps them feed and catch prey in a multitude of conditions. Most anglers know a bass when they see one. People residing outside of the US will probably have a much greater opportunity to go after smallmouth given their introduction in countries like Japan, Russia, and England. Guadalupe bass (Micropterus treculii) First described in 1874. Seeing as fishing regulations for the two fish vary from state to state, telling Spotted Bass vs. Largemouth Bass apart is very important. Knowing the difference between the species you catch is important for a couple of reasons. Due to their predatory nature, bass, unlike all fish, also have sharp serrated teeth. Given the way they use these to bite and strike, this behavior has also been instrumental in helping bass fishing grow as popular as it has. Smallmouth have been introduced in countries all over the world and are generally found in cool, unpolluted waters across the US like the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. The best part is, you don’t have to choose between these two. Tight lines at work!! Is that a good ‘go/no-go’ on determining spotted and largemouth? Thanks for getting in touch. They’re both great fighters, and are sure to put your angling skills to the test. The spotted, by comparison, tends to have blotches on its body rather than bars, with its lower lateral scales forming horizontally orientated stripes. Hey Sean, just wanted to say thanks for helping me understand, that I didn’t know what heck I’ve been catching! Furthermore, there are a few extra things to consider. Telling them apart, although tricky, can you teach you a lot more about the sport and how different species operate. Young will feed on zooplankton before reaching an age and size where they move on to live prey. Not only do the two species share the same waters, but they’re also very similar if you don’t know what to look for. If that’s not enough, the two species provide great eating, too. Spotted bass are easily distinguished from most other bass species in terms of their habitat. The side of a Spotted Bass usually has a dark, spotted lateral line. Spotted Bass, on the other hand, only live six years. Aug 19, 2019. Especially in terms of rigs and lure types. Largemouths have smooth tongues. Let’s start out by looking at their appearance. Imitating crayfish with your rig set-up is a good way to target both species as they make up a large part of either’s diet. This can still be difficult even for seasoned anglers.

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