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Short Version: Unicode Text Symbols are awesome. Some Tips: Characters produced may vary depending on the OEM Code Page setting. Someone finds it useful. Ding Bats Miscellaneous Symbols Here's a catalog of lists, but note, these won't all work in Tableau and can show up a bit different on Tableau Public. Music Symbols with Unicode Values. Compatibility issues with old ANSI codes prevent the entry of all Unicode characters. To have multiple symbol types in a single column. 3. Unicode 9.0 Character Code Charts Does anyone have any input here? To increase your symbol options. 2. To make use of these codes associated with otherwise non-printable and non-displayable ASCII control characters that have gone into obsolescence, IBM re-purposed and assigned smiley face characters, musical note characters, playing card suit characters and others to these codes in Code Page 437. After adopting Windows to Unicode, the entry of all Unicode characters by the same method was desired, and achieved by some applications, but couldn't be spread to all system. 15000 Unicode symbols for emoticons from different languages and scripts. Others have input on how to further this conversation. In Workspace Names for sorting. 4. I think you will find these two lists of Unicode characters especially useful. To use symbols in the primary column. 2. You can use them: 1. There are more than 250 music symbols on Unicode library. You can copy-paste them anywhere you like, or you can use their Unicode values, within your HTML and other programming codes. 1. This Unicode Character Lookup Table is a reference tool to search for Unicode characters (or symbols) by Unicode Character Name or Unicode Number (or Code Point).It is also a Unicode character detector tool if you search the table using the actual Unicode character.

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