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wa87 vs wa47

Live Chat. You can use the cardioid pattern for most common recording tasks, but the omnidirectional pattern performs particularly well for capturing room ambience. The Warm Audio WA-47 is a high-performance, multi-pattern, large-diaphragm, transformer-balanced, tube condenser microphone. or Becoming a better music producer isn't just about the craft of music production. I've had both the WA47 and WA87. Experienced musicians who play real instruments vs. click and point laptop producers. Again, I primarily record male, and female vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, and percussion eg; Cajon, shakers, tambourine. I don't know if it s the perfect explanation, I've recorded it in a voice going through my heritage and linx Aurora 16., I ll have to keep waiting to have an U87 Vendimia... believe that the WA47 will pass the same thing? This vintage-inspired condenser microphone features top-shelf parts. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As a young Music Producer / Engineer in the late 80’s I was lucky enough to grow up and learn my skills in the top studios in Australia, giving me access to their comprehensive microphone collections including many original tube 47’s which not only always sounded a little different from each other (depending on age, condition and its dedicated power supply) it was often my microphone of choice when recording vocals at Platinum Studios here in Melbourne. In the 1960’s, the classic ’47 was widely used as a vocal microphone in studios across the world. I went online to Sweetwater to read some reviews, and noticed they had a demo for 809.00. Just buy both and return whichever one you don't like. We researched dozens of studio monitors and weighed all the pros and cons. Between the wa87 and the wa47 which would most add to the versitility of my mic collection? an affiliate Hey, I think the Warm and the Lewitt are both good for the cost but aren't both also Chinese produced products? It is a controversial topic. Warm Audio introduces WA-87 R2: Updated And Upgraded. Just found out the WA47 has the exact same circuit as the new ART T4. The microphones I tested were: WA-87 FET Condenser Microphone, $599 Interesting. I purchased a Warm Audio WA-47, tube condenser microphone about a week ago. KRK is also known for their high-quality stereo imaging technologies, a noticeable penchant in the speaker production market over the last three years. To say this another way, the AT mic sounds like robot and the Octava sounds like human. OMG fellow studio junkies and musicians, the moment I unboxed this mic, admired the build quality in my hands and then linked it up to my GML Mic Pre, I was gob smacked. As with the WA-87 and WA-14, modern reproductions of the legendary Neumann U87 and AKG C414, Warm Audio has not skimped on quality. Thank you and a cordial greeting from Canary Islands!! Why do microphones today sound rubbish - z5600a mk2 & WA87 sounds awful thin & WA-47? These various patterns make the WA-47 a versatile microphone which can be useful for much more than recording vocals. Maybe art does use those parts though, I dont know. Required fields are marked *. In my opinion they have not only achieved to build a mic that sounds like the original, because its new with next to no noise in the line, it actually sounds that little bit better than any original I have had the pleasure to use. If you are thinking of purchasing the WA-47, this review provides insight into this vintage-inspired recording microphone. At the standard retail price of $899, the WA-47 gives you similar tonal characteristics of the classic ’47 microphone at a lower price. Print Email. Demand for items of classic studio hardware is high and supplies are low, meaning that the originals are out of reach to many home and project-studio owners. So, here's an idea concerning your SDC side of your mic locker. On the microphone front, they have released the WA-47, WA-87 and WA-14 (modern reproductions of the classic Neumann U47, U87, and AKG C414), among […], Your email address will not be published. Some of the components of the WA-47 are not the same as with the classic ’47. If not $200 for a better transformer and capsule is way worth it. linking to Below, we've listed our top 10 books to make you a better producer. This microphone is specifically designed to produce the tonal characteristics of classic U47 microphones for musicians, recording engineers, and vocalists in project, home, and commercial recording studios. Should be here Tuesday. advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by It's also about motivation, creativity, marketing, and the ability to sell your music and personal brand. Contact Us. My instant impression was how beautiful and full the low end sounded complimented by a sweet as honey top end and everything in between. A modern transformerless condenser microphone, modeled after the Neumann's legendary U87. Between the wa87 and the wa47 which would most add to the versitility of my mic collection? Put some new mics on a 12-month payment plan through AMS and Zzounds... including the WA87. ; 0). I am just unclear what you are getting at with your comment but also beyond very tired of anything from China! This is because some of the vintage components of the latter are no longer available. In case it's helpful to anyone considering these mics I thought I'd share a track I recorded using the WA47 on all all guitars and vocals: On the Feather song. Hi Javamad, well she goes like this, ive spent the last 3 weeks building my interim studio. What Makes You a "Real" Music Producer? Don’t expect a sound equal to the classic ’47 microphones. Hello, good night and a greeting for everyone! Back to Product List. And did you record the Rhodes and strings? Hey there! The Warm Audio WA-47 is a high-performance, multi-pattern, large-diaphragm, transformer-balanced, tube condenser microphone. Should I Learn Music Theory as a Music Producer? Thanks for the input. That is to say, it’s built with premium components such as a JJ Slovak 5751 vacuum tube, TAB-Funkenwerk output transformer, and Wima and Solen French capacitors. Just bought the WA47. This microphone is specifically designed to produce the tonal characteristics of classic U47 microphones for musicians, recording engineers, and vocalists in project, home, and commercial recording studios. We’ll cover its features, pros and cons, and other important information to consider before purchasing. I am so impressed with this mic I will purchase another as I always want a minimum of 2 units of the gear I add to my personal collection. Plus, ART has the good sense not to call it a U47 clone. I bought/own one after reading the reviews here and that shootout we all reference, but, hands down get a Dorsey modified Octava MK-012, a pair if you can afford it. Finding success as a music producer is about much more. I've been using the TLM 103 for 2 years as my main mic for rap vocals (I also have a Mojave ma-300, rode NTK and a Shure ksm32). I currently have my own extensive microphone collection and have been on the lookout for an original classic tube 47 to add to it but have been hesitant due to my knowledge that it can be a bit hit or miss with how the originals sound today. Hi all. Warm Audio meticulously designed this condenser microphone using premium parts, yet made sure it is affordable on a budget. So a few weeks ago, I asked about the wa14 vs the wa87. 12-251 Microphone Kit –, A Feather on the Scale, a song by Owen Duff on Spotify, Owen Duff - A Feather On The Scale by owenduff | Owen Duff | Free Listening on SoundCloud, Warm Audio Introduces WA-47 Tube Condenser Microphone. The last thing I want to listen to is a robot Mandolin track. Should I Learn Music Theory as a Music Producer. Firstly, I must point out, in the past I have NEVER purchased so called clones of classic recording equipment as when I have been asked to test or review these clones I have always found them to come up way short and they have never lived up to their promises, I was commonly left with all talk and no action pieces of gear. I ended up getting the wa14 which is a great addition to what I already had.

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