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why is hinduism not considered a universalizing religion?

eager to do his own will life process and the universe, A land where man was not Hindu was never an “ism”, and the attempt to organize it as a religion is still not successful because the Hindu way of life which is referred to as Sanatana Dharma or universal law is all-inclusive in nature and does not exclude anything. The translation goes as follows:-. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Hinduism is considered to be this sea where every river meets irrespective of the origin. The Hindu way of life is not an organized belief system but a science of salvation. An ideal prey All that I wanted to say to such nitwits was said here :) Thanks a ton. I was extremely moved after reading this post. Allow us that that v can share ir all over. And as far as the spiritual history of India is concerned, it has very beautiful history. “Bharat”, as the nation has been known for many millennia, is a complex amalgamation of this variety of spiritual possibilities. ... hindu-cremation disposal at sea strip of "unclean"parts. The guideline for all Hindus as (incase one needs it) are recited by the Lord. Life will happen to you in bigger ways. The poet seems to be confused. Universalizing religions mostly have in common. Freud made it popular to analyze one’s past and make deductions about the present and future, but is there any benefit for a spiritual seeker in doing…. manifestations. Basically, the whole culture was oriented towards realizing one’s full potential. The ebook is available on a "Pay As You Wish" basis. But in this culture, there has never been anything called persecution for spiritual people. There is so much misunderstanding about these things because there is a certain dialectical ethos to the culture where we want to express everything in a story or in a song. to enhance himself into an God is not held as the ultimate thing, God is seen as one of the stepping stones. hierarchical religions. Everywhere else people believe “God created us.” Here we know we created god so we take total freedom to create whatever kind of god we can relate to. Wonderful explanation..:) I am a Hindu who respects all the religions equally and I often get furious when fools(from same/other religions) try to manipulate the actual meaning of Hinduism in a way that is beneficial to them. Enshrined the carnal and the divine The Hindu way of life is not an organized belief system but a … Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? God is dying on the streets &Satan is laughing..... Where is truth, where is beauty, where is freedom? Bha meaning sensation, that is the basis of all experience and expression; Ra meaning Raga, the tune and texture of life; Ta meaning Tala, the rhythms of life, which involve both rhythms of the human system and nature. God is just one more stepping stone that you can use or skip towards your ultimate liberation. India became a land of lunatics.. Just because of few lunatics and corrupt people India is lagging behind. exuberance of intelligence and emotion It always was individual or in small groups, never as a society. This article is about spirituality and not the economic development. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.”. How will understanding of attitudes and predisposition enhance teaching? There are millions of deities in Hinduism; oneness and inclusiveness are the soul of Hinduism. Being Hindu is a way of life, not a religion. because if this cultural and geographical stamp is erased ( which we are doing it constantly and unknowingly ), there are huge, huge i mean VERY HUGE attempts being made by the cultures of rigid dogma to collapse this wonderful path to liberation, inner wellbeing etc. himself away from the Not only acknowledging, but embracing other religion. origins with individual men or prophet. That is the reason why the article is written. Instead of settling for a culturally convenient belief, for a whole populace to have the courage and commitment to seek the truth about themselves. I felt like sharing with you one of the award winning songs written by famous malayalai poet, Vayalar Ramavarma here. Here it goes "If Hinduism is a way of life and if people who practice it are free to worship whichever God they want, will a person be still treated as a Hindu after converting into other faiths (Muslim/christian)? " You can be a Hindu irrespective of whether you worship a man-god or a woman-god, whether you worship a cow or a tree. Religion is about your liberation. We became unrecognizable.. of effulgent and gentle beings Inter state form of sales tax income tax? Let not the limitless possibilities that the sages of this land explored and expounded be lost in religious bigotry and senseless simplistic dogmas. What is plot of the story Sinigang by Marby Villaceran? When Adiyogi was asked how many ways to enlightenment, he said only 112 if you are within the realm of your physical system, but if you transcend the physical, then every atom in the universe is a doorway. Yes all Indian Muslims and Christians are Hindus. People worshiped whatever aspect of life they related to most, and that was perfectly fine. of creation, deciphered the primordial When I say Godless, we need to understand that this is the only culture that has given humans the freedom not just to make a choice of Gods, but to create the sort of God that you can relate to. Where is our blood relations? In the East, spirituality and religion were never an organized process. across………. There is no belief system to the Hindu way of life. mastered the melody and the math This is something I never thought of and I could not give my friend an answer till now as I am not an expert in this matter. universalizing religion. India cannot be studied, at the least one must soak it in, or at best must dissolve. India is not a study, but a phenomenon of possibilities, though a cauldron of multiple cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic soup. Everywhere else people believe “God created us.” Here we know we created god so we take total freedom to create whatever kind of god we can relate to. Liberation from the very process of life, from everything that you know as limitations and to go beyond that. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Chapter 16, Verse 1-3 Hindus accept non-Hindus because they think that it is connecting their soul and not their religion. Therefore, the answer to the question Is Hinduism A Universalizing Religion? At the most, they called you for debates and asked you questions. Whatever you did in this culture was Hindu. The Blessed Lord said: Fearlessness, purification of one's existence, cultivation of spiritual knowledge, charity, self-control, performance of sacrifice, study of the Vedas, austerity and simplicity; nonviolence, truthfulness, freedom from anger; renunciation, tranquility, aversion to faultfinding, compassion and freedom from covetousness; gentleness, modesty and steady determination; vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, freedom from envy and the passion for honor-these transcendental qualities, O son of Bharata, belong to godly men But in a way, this whole culture referred to as Hindu is rooted in the spiritual ethos of each individual working toward ultimate liberation as the fundamental goal in life. Now wheter it’s right or wrong to convert --this is another question matter. As you can see, Hinduism is not in the list of the universalizing religions. found the doors of freedom How long does it take to cook a 23 pound turkey in an oven? occurred. Sadhguru looks at what it means to be a yogi, and speaks about hatha yoga and the possibility of experiencing life beyond the physical. Because the pursuit is truth, so people sat down and argued whether what they knew was true or what the other person knew was true. What is the contribution of candido bartolome to gymnastics? If you explore mysticism in India, it is absolutely incredible and this has been possible because it does not come from a belief system.

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